Pixar’s films put technology and storytelling hand-in-hand

Pixar’s films put technology and storytelling hand-in-hand:

This has been at the center of Pixar’s overall success. The studio’s founders understand the fundamentals of animation and storytelling, even when they’re just moving brightly colored shapes around on a screen. There’s a scene in Ratatouille where Remy tries to explain the sensations in his head when he eats a piece of cheese or a strawberry, and how he’s almost overcome with emotion when he combines those two ingredients. When Pixar’s at its best—as in Inside Out—the films have that “take a bite of cheese with a bite of strawberry” feeling. It’s hard to explain why they work the way they do. But the audience can trust that the people who made them have tried every combination before finding the most effective one.

An amazingly comprehensive list of reviews of ALL of the Pixar films and charting the development and main themes that Pixar employs.

I’m really looking forward to watching ‘Inside Out’ when it opens in Singapore.


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