Dealing with Clutter

Everywhere that I go I see a cluttered mess.

My home and work desks are cluttered with books, papers and various items ranging from stationary, gifts and small knick-knacks. My computers desktop is littered with files and folders that I’ve been meaning to clear for ages. I have literally thousands of digital photos just waiting to be sorted and organised. My email inbox is a disaster.

I’m just a physical and digital packrat.

Cleaning up doesn’t take a lot of effort but maintaining things in a tidy state is actually much more difficult than it seems.

I know this sounds like I’m just making excuses but it really is quite a challenge to keep things where they need to be when juggling the needs of 3 young kids. You have to learn to let go a bit just to stay sane.

In view of the upcoming Chinese New Year, I’ll be doing massive spring cleaning both physically and digitally. I’m also hoping to put in place habits that will see me through the year.

My main areas of focus:

  1. Organising my inbox (snail and e-mail);
  2. Organising our photos and videos; and
  3. Keeping my desk free from clutter.

Hopefully I’ll be able to look forward to a cleaner and neater home and work environment in 2016.