12″ Macbook – Some Thoughts

I had a chance to play with the new Macbook recently at a Challenger store and here are some of my quick thoughts:

It’s really really slim and light. It doesn’t make sense that the Macbook air — the epitomy of slimness and lightness — should still exist when the Macbook has surpassed it and with a better display too. The Macbook Air only makes sense for those still wanting a normal USB port, something that the Macbook eschews.

The keyboard buttons feel kinda weird. Typing is a very physical experience and the type of keyboard you use matters. Somehow the new Macbooks keyboard felt really… flat. The keys don’t really travel as much when you press on them and that just resulted in an odd sensation in my fingers. I guess it might take some time to get used to.

I immediately thought how convenient this device would be for just keeping in your bag at all times to whip out whenever t0 type. Like a really small, light and powerful typewriter that, ideally, can be set up in a jiffy in order to pen down thoughts. I almost fell in love with this idea until I realised that this device is just a slightly more souped up iPad albeit without the touchscreen capabilities. Slap a keyboard on an iPad Air and you have pretty much the exact same device, without all the annoying limitations of OS X or the additional power features that I never use (read: Automator, Terminal, etc). The Macbook will also never support the Apple Pencil which I’m super excited about for sketching.

Laptops are cool and all, but if you’re ever only going to use it for email, web-browsing and word processing, then an iPad is a far better option for less than half the price!1

In the end I decided that I’m just going to wait for an updated iPad Air model that does support the Apple Pencil before I even consider making a change.

  1. The Macbook retails at SGD $1,788, while the cheapest iPad Air goes for SGD $688.