Breaking the bonds of technology

Last night as I went to bed I realized that despite feeling really tired I just couldn’t go to sleep until i’d reached for my phone to do something first.

It wasn’t that I wanted to do anything in particular, I just had to. Sort of like scratching an itch. It’s become such a habit for me to read in bed before sleeping that it’s become more like a winding down ritual.

Then it dawned on me how much my phone has become entwined in my life that I just can’t imagine functioning without without it. And rather than filling me with delight, this thought actually horrified me.

Have I become so bound by technology that I can’t quite function without it anymore?

Having a steady and unfettered access to the internet all the time can be a wonderful experience. The ability to access limitless snippets of knowledge, some entertaining some illuminating, is really mind-blowing. It certainly is appealing to think that I’m educating myself as I read from my phone.

However there is a heavy cost to that. My mind is no longer content to be left to it’s own devices, so to speak. I get bored easily and having nothing to do with that ‘free time’ makes me question whether I could be reading something informative instead.

I’ve literally become an information junkie.

Now that I’ve realised that fact, I want to break the bonds that have resulted in this sad state. To exclude technology from my daily routines and be able to relax, kick back and enjoy moments of perfect quiet without feeling pressed to make better use of my time. And in the process regain a part of myself which I feel has become neglected.

My quiet time and inner serenity.