Choosing what the fight for

Sometimes when you don’t feel like fighting for something, maybe it’s a sign that you don’t care for it much.

Many times at work, I sit perplexed as I watch others clamour for recognition or to have things done their way. Or, this is the worst, to deflect blame.

My values make it hard for me to appreciate the fleeting praise of my superiors and peers. Sure, it feels nice to be recognised for your hard work and success, but it’s but a moment of passing glory, quickly forgotten.

Much better to recognise things of greater worth, like your health and well being. Or our scarcest resource, time.

Time spent wriggling your way up the corporate ladder could be better spent conversing with friends and family or getting a good nights sleep.

Those are things I’d gladly fight for.

But other times there are projects or jobs that I really don’t enjoy doing. In those cases I don’t fight to do my best. I’d rather just let it slide and put in as little effort as possible.

That doesn’t reflect well on me as a Christian. All work should be done in service to the Lord. It’s not fair, or responsible, to pick and choose what I enjoy doing well and neglect the rest.

In such cases I shouldn’t give up but rather fight the good fight. Not for myself but so that God’s work in me can be seen clearly.

That’s also worth fighting for.