What’s next for Flickr after Yahoo’s sale? The Guardian ⇥

When Marissa Mayer took control of Yahoo in 2012, Flickr’s core users were hopeful that it might get the attention it deserved. Bonner bought the website dearmarissamayer.com and used it to host the simple message: “Please make Flickr awesome again.”

Yahoo seemed to listen, at least fleetingly. The company finally released some functional mobile apps and started offering a terabyte of storage space to users for free, but it was too little too late.

Popular consensus appears to be that Verizon, having no way to monetise Flickr, will eventually close the site. This is a huge pity as Flickr definitely serves as an important service to professional photographers.

I also like the fact that Flickr’s interface is just right for getting your photos on and off the service without imposing restrictions on your uploads, unlike Google Photos which resizes your images.

Ah well, what to do, when you get something for free there’s always a hidden cost somewhere. In this case there’s the never there certainty of Flickr’s future.

I just wish there was some generous billionaire out there who would buy the site and restore it to it’s old glory.