I knew it : Vesper App Finally Shutting Down >

So the inevitable has finally1 happened:

Sync will be turned off Aug. 30 at 8pm Pacific. We’ll destroy all the data, and neither we nor anyone else will be able to recover it.

The app will be removed from the App Store on Sep. 15. Until then, starting now, it’s free — since you can’t create new sync accounts, and it wouldn’t be fair to charge new users if they can’t sync.

About time if you ask me.

Seems timely to revisit my short critique of the App that I posted 23 Nov 2015.

I now use a mixture of Apple’s Notes App and Simplenote for the storing of information and Ulysses has now become the official writing app on my phone. I really wanted to love Vesper but I suppose it was just not meant to be.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who wants to purchase a new and exciting app. Don’t just listen to the review. Judge critically whether the app is something you will use long and well. Also check the stream of updates to see if the app is being actively developed. Any app where the timeline stops in 2015 has already lost my support. Even if the developers hint of ‘big things coming in the future’ it ain’t real until it’s released.

  1. I resisted adding the ‘finally’ to the title and this line because it’s not entirely true. But then I thought it would be kind of funny and ironic given Gruber’s dislike for the misuse of this word.