The Sad State of Apple News


Just yesterday Apple held an event to introduce some of their new products. Alongside the iPhone 7 (who didn’t see that coming?) came the Apple Watch series 2 and Air Pods (who’s name reminds me of a snack).

I’m excited to see that there’s still innovation left in the design of the iPhone. For instance, regular non-techie folk are going to love the water resistance. No more fears of dropping your phone into the toilet!1. I also have no problem with the removal of the earphone jack, simply because wireless headphones are way more convenient, once people make that switch I doubt they would change back. But since Apple’s ear pods have never fit my ears the Air Pods are of no interest to me.

I for one am actually excited by the new dual speakers and the new cameras. Sound and image quality are both solid selling points for Apple which the other companies really struggle to do right. In fact, I believe no other companies products do as many things right in one small package as Apple does.

Over the years though every Apple product launch has been followed by a huge backlash of negative press. Something about the way the products are seems to hit a nerve. For every story raving about how good the new iPhone is, there’ll be at least 10 more saying how boring / awful / not enough the new features are. Not to mention that Apple has lost it’s way, is no longer innovative and is clearly doomed.

Clearly this news is attracting people otherwise people wouldn’t be writing it. Apparently nobody wants to read another article about how great Apple is… but an article spelling out how Apple is in decline? Ooo now that you’ve got to read.

I’ve been reading tech news (with a special focus on Apple) for almost 10 years now and frankly every year the coverage on Apple seems to be getting worse. Apple as a company now has never been more open, whether to interviews by journalists or sharing their philosophies. It’s really a golden age for learning about how Apple does things. But Apple has also gotten really really big and successful. Almost everyone knows about them and has an opinion about the company bringing about more opportunities for criticism. It’s these silly, baseless articles that put me off reading the news. It’s almost as if Apple has gotten so big that ripping into them has become mainstream.

And the funny thing is that it doesn’t seem to work. Apple products continue to dominate simply because their products are good. So good that no amount of bad press can dislodge them in the minds of the people who love using them, myself included. So good that people are willing to pay a premium for these products and still come back for more.

When Apple was small, people used to look at the company with mild fascination. They were the underdog which had somehow manages to cultivate a loyal following. Back then, the media would focus on Apple’s good points, glossing over the bad, because that was the narrative back then: the Mac was David to the PC’s Goliath. And that narrative stuck.

Now that Apple’s big there’s nary a good thing the company can do. Their phones somehow have bad reception if you put your finger at a specific spot, get bent if you put them in your rear pocket and sit on them and has an outer casing that attracts too many scratches. These will not affect the sales of Apple products in any real way, but they distract from the more interesting message of how Apple continues to bring real innovation to a space that’s full of copycats.

Clearly there’s a lot more to Apple’s story and it’s a pity that that’s the area people are less willing to focus on.

  1. This has actually happened to my old iPhone 4. It’s still alive and ticking — which was hugely surprising in itself — but with some features not work.