Serious Eats – The Better, Faster Way to Freeze and Defrost Your Foods>

Whenever I want to know how to do things better in the kitchen I look no further than Kenji Lopez-Alt from Serious Eats. As usual he’s back with his usual brand of sciency food tips:

The shape in which you freeze your food makes a remarkable difference. To demonstrate this, I froze two separate containers, each holding a quart of water. I froze one quart in a cylindrical deli container and the other flat in a zipper-lock bag. I then placed both on the counter and let them defrost for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, I poured out the melted water.

The ice frozen as a cylinder produced less than a cup of water. Meanwhile, the ice frozen flat produced over two cups. That’s right: It defrosted more than twice as fast (and, conversely, it also froze more than twice as fast). This can make a huge difference not just for the quality of your food, but also for convenience.
Good advice that I’m sure to be thinking about the next time I freeze or defrost something.