Google jumps into the phone hardware market with Pixel>

I’ve got to say, regarding Google’s recently announced Pixel phone, I’m actually quite impressed.

It’s cleverly marketed to take advantage of physical features that the iPhone 7 lacks (e.g. the 3.5mm audio jack) as well as services. I really love how they’ve highlighted the integration with Google photos and think this is really smart, especially the tagline,

Unlimited storage for all your photos and videos. Say goodbye to those “storage is full” notifications.
Knowing this is a common bugbear with iPhone users who ultimately run out of space for their photos is a Sun Tzu, ‘know your enemy’ kind of tactic. Doesn’t hurt that Google Photos provides unlimited storage for users.
Google is finally making their own hardware which is super exciting and, I believe, finally gives the Android the hardware platform that it needs to be not just a ‘good enough’ alternative to the iPhone but (I hope) an excellent alternative.