OK Google, why is iCloud storage so expensive? | The Verge>

The Verge is arguing that Apple is charging too much for iCloud storage compared to it’s competitors:

I don’t mind paying for storage as long as it’s reasonably priced, but Apple’s 1TB pricing is not reasonable, especially when the iPhone’s camera is a major selling point and iCloud Photos is the culprit maxing out everyone’s storage plans.

Apple charges $9.99 per month for 1TB of iCloud storage, or roughly $120 per year. Compare that to Amazon, where for $4.99 per month you get unlimited storage. Hell, Amazon Prime subscribers ($99 per year) get free unlimited photo storage as just one of many membership perks. Microsoft’s 1TB OneDrive plan costs only $6.99 per month and you get full access to the Office 365 suite of apps.

Ever since macOS Sierra has been released, many reviewers point to the fact that Apple is pointing people towards their cloud services, but not providing enough of it for free. Something I also believe they should be doing. 

Having to pay for more storage limits the adoption of their new features, creating an opening for other companies to steal their customers:

Google, meanwhile, is doing exactly what Apple should be doing. People who buy Google’s new Pixel phones are given free unlimited Google Photos storage to host all their original photographs and 4k video. For Google it’s a fair trade, it gets to scrub your photos for anonymous data that will ultimately help it sell better ads, and Pixel owners never have to worry about seeing a “storage is full” message when uploading their imagery. Apple’s not making money from ads like Google, but it definitely wants the world to think iPhone when deciding what camera to buy next.

Dropbox comes close to Apple’s exorbitant pricing model but Dropbox is in the business of selling cloud storage. Even then, 1TB Dropbox Pro subscriptions cost $99.99 per year. Just think about that for a second; Apple charges more than Dropbox even though iCloud storage is a fundamental requirement for the features Apple promotes to help drive hardware sales. And in case it wasn’t obvious to you by now, Apple still makes its money by selling hardware.

I agree with that last sentence, Apple is way more profitable than any of these cloud service companies which basically make their money from their users data. Apple should hit them all where it hurts by giving their customers no reason to change handsets.

It probably doesn’t matter much to most users but to some it’s worth considering jumping ship to Android. And if Google keeps on improving the user experience of their products while at the same time jumping leaps and bounds ahead of Apple in AI, then who knows how it’ll play out for Apple in the long run.