Oct 2016 Quick Update

It’s been a hectic past 2 weeks.

We had a guest from overseas staying with us, followed by a quick family holiday to Taiwan.

Taiwan was a real good escape for me from Singapore. I never knew what to expect and I must say that it’s given me just enough that I’m hungry to experience it more. My mandarin is absolutely rubbish but somehow being there was both familiar and alien. More thoughts on this once the dust has settled.

Also in the back of my my mind is this pressure to develop my online presence.

For starters, since I find it so hard to churn out posts here, I’m back to posting images on Instagram. For the 2 or 3 readers who frequent this blog, you can find me at @saentinel where I try to post something interesting and insightful a couple of times a week.

For this blog, I’ve got so many plans and ideas. I really want to increase my creative output, writing more, sketching more, posting more photos. I have a whole world of ideas inside me but there’s just no time to capitalise on them immediately. Everything has to take a back seat until it’s ready, which sometimes feels like ‘never’.

For those who’ve been following me thanks for sticking around. When I started this blog it was just meant to be about curating a public persona that lived online. But in recent years I’ve wanted to do more than just share my thoughts. I’ve wanted my thoughts to mean something. The internet is awash with so many people just sharing what they’re thinking in the moment that it’s gotten a bit overwhelming. Smartphones have enabled split second sharing that’s become so thoughtless it’s almost meaningless. What I’d really love is to do the opposite of that and post finely crafted and carefully considered items online. Things that I can stand behind and be proud of.

More to come!