These sec students are at Crest of education >

When Crest Secondary School was set up in 2013, principal Frederick Yeo had trouble convincing parents it was right for their children.

“We didn’t have a track record,” he said. “Some parents looked down on us, they were upset when their kids chose us.”

Crest is the first specialised school to cater for Normal (Technical) students. As such it attracted negative stereotypes among some parents which it has been striving hard to fight off. The Jurong East school now has 760 students across four cohorts and its first batch of 200 will graduate next month. Forty of its graduating students have already received conditional offers from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) via a scheme that considers their abilities related to courses and skills in leadership, sports or the arts.

Mr Yeo told The Straits Times: “We have, to a large extent, helped to restore confidence, a joy of learning, in the kids.”

​Ignoring the cheesy headline this is great news for a lot of kids who ‘fall out’ of Singapore’s punishing education system. 

More of this please!