About me

So firstly, welcome to my little part of the internet. I’ve been inhabiting this spot still 2008 and boy has it gotten cluttered! This site has evolved a lot over the years but I’m proud of how it’s been recording my changing interests over the years.

Bit of background info: I live in the tiny city island of Singapore where it’s hot most of the year. I live here with my family, my beautiful wife and 3 kids. Life could be quieter but we were never ones to choose the easiest way out. These days it’s a struggle to juggle home, work, family and my christian faith.

I have a unique view of my world and this site is my best way of sharing it with the world. All thoughts contained herein are my own and do not reflect the opinions of others. I apologise if anyone gets offended by any content I’ve uploaded. However you’re free to let it go and visit some other place on the net that’s more aligned to your thinking. The internet is a vast place after all and this tiny plot is mine.

Like most others I also squat online at Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Drop me a mail at the_saentinel[at]cloud.com