Urban Sketches – Kampung Glam


We had some fun a few weeks back walking around Kampung Glam looking for nice places to sketch. It was HY’s birthday and along with rollerblading she suggested that we walk around Singapore and do some sketching.

It’s been ages since I put pen to sketchbook so what was supposed to be a birthday present to her ended up being a wonderful treat for me too.

It’s fortunate that a lot of shop houses in Singapore have been conserved as they are some of the most fun buildings to draw. Here’s one at Jalan Kubor:

Shophouse at Jalan KuborAnd below is the Sultan mosque which is probably the most pretty and elaborate mosque in Singapore.

Sultan Mosque

Despite the hot weather we managed to find a nice shaded spot in each location to sit and draw for a while.

I had great fun shading my drawings with HY’s set of markers. They really make the drawings POP!

Can’t wait to do this again.

The Book of John

Our bible study group has just completed a study on the book of John.

Really it's one of the more challenging books to read. Once I've completed the review I'll post some thoughts.

In the meantime I find the Studys own description of the book of John quite apt:

Leon Morris compares John's gospel to “a pool in which a child may wade and an elephant can swim.” on the one hand, it is commonly given to new believers and even inquirers to examine the foundations of Christian faith. It is a favorite for the simple faith of simple folk. On the other hand, “years of close study of this Gospel do not leave one with a feeling of having mastered it, but rather with the conviction that it is still 'strange, restless, and unfamiliar.” Like Him whom it portrays, this book readily welcomes the humble and endlessly challenges the wise.