A giant indoor farm in China is breeding 6 billion cockroaches a year. Here’s why

This is truly, TRULY, the most disgusting article I’ve read in a long time.

The world’s largest cockroach farm is breeding 6 billion adult cockroaches a year and using artificial intelligence to manage a colony larger than the world’s human population – all for medicinal use.

It is part of the production process for a “healing potion” consumed by millions of patients in China, according to the government.

There are many cockroach breeding facilities in China, for use as an ingredient in medicine or as a source of protein for livestock feed. But no other facility can match the productivity of the farm in the city of Xichang, in southwestern Sichuan province.

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Ofo is being sued by Chinese bike manufacturer for $10 million in unpaid bills – The Verge

Chinese bike-share company Ofo is being sued by manufacturer Shanghai Phoenix Bicycles over “unpaid bills” that total nearly $10 million, according to a report in the Financial Times. It’s the latest in a series of setbacks for the company this year, and shows some of the problems that the on-demand bike companies are facing around the world.
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Things are looking down for the industry at large. After oBike in Singapore closed down I think people are more apprehensive to use shared bicycles if they have to put down a deposit.

Clearly the bigger problem is their inability to monetise their service in a sustainable way.

10 of the best words in the world (that don’t translate into English) | World news | The Guardian

I love these little tidbits that one picks up while living in different countries. Culture is something that is hard to translate.

As millions head abroad, our correspondents pick out the words that for them speak volumes about the countries they love and live in
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